pre and post-op physio

Please click on the body part on the left to list some of the operations for which we can offer post-op rehabilitation. This is not an exhaustive list.

Appropriate physiotherapy management is vital after orthopaedic surgery. For example, it has been shown that a failure to restore good knee motion might lead to a poor outcome following knee surgery. Early physiotherapy to work on range of motion is therefore extremely important in post-op patients.

At Joint Care Clinic we have extensive experience of rehabilitating patients from a wide variety of operations - from shoulders to ankles and all parts inbetween.

This is not an exhaustive list of post-op rehab we can offer – please feel-free to call us if you don’t see your operation listed.

we treat

Sports injuries
Muscle, tendon and ligament injuries
Joint problems
Back pain and sciatica
Neck pain
Orthopaedic conditions
Pre and post surgical rehabilitation
Tennis and golfers elbow
Frozen shoulder
Overuse injuries